Held monthly on the 3rd Tuesday at Caryford Community Hall.

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Lectures with high quality illustrations start at 11.00am.

Coffee is served from 10.15am.

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15 October

The Founders and the Treasures of the Wallace Collection

This lecture covers the story of the founding family of this great collection, including the 4th Marquess of Hertford and a chance to see many of its finest treasures.


Stephen Duffy


19 November

The Antiques Roadshow – Behind the Scenes and the Great Discoveries

Marc is a freelance art and antiques journalist and has over 20 years’ experience as a specialist on The Antiques Roadshow. A self-confessed collectaholic he is going to take us behind the scenes of this fascinating programme.


Marc Allum


10 December

Red Vibrations: The Aesthetic and Emotional Significance of Red in Western Art, from Angelic Pink to Demonic Scarlet

A colourful lecture for the depth of winter. Alexandra guarantees that you will leave the lecture never seeing red in the same way again!


Alexandra Drysdale




21 January

Georgia: Land of the Golden Fleece

One of the first nations to adopt Christianity. This lecture concentrates on the fine tradition of church building and decorations, much in gold, over the last 1500 years.


John Osborne


18 February

Restoration and After: Boobs, Bombast and Gin

Following the trauma of the English Civil War came the Restoration, a period of loucheness and scandal. Giles looks at how the theatre of the day reflected society in this most saucy of eras.


Giles Ramsay


17 March

Thomas Heatherwick – The Modern Leonardo

This lecture looks at the meteoric rise of this extraordinarily versatile young designer and the way in which his Heatherwick Studio has solved the challenges presented to it to create amazing buildings throughout the world.


Ian Swankie


21 April

The Pilgrims of Babylon: The Artists of Montmartre

Montmatre, the rundown suburb overlooking Paris, bristling with windmills, but home to some of France’s greatest artists. Renoir, Toulouse Lautrec and Picasso all painted here and their canvases would shake the foundations of Western art.


Please note 10:30 start - AGM

May 2018 to April 2019

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