Caryford Hall News

December 2019

We are almost there - days away from having a brand new kitchen with underfloor heating, and a dedicated store for our cleaner. We hope you like the improvements!

We are hugely grateful to all Hall users for being so understanding and bearing with us throughout the work, and to the contractor, F J Reeves, for going out of their way to accommodate us


Once we have moved everything into the new kitchen, the existing one will be stripped out and used as a temporary meeting room. It will take us a week or so to sort everything out but certainly by early in the New Year it will be business as usual. Look out for details of the special events we will be putting on at the Hall as a thank you to everyone.

Does this mean we are sitting on our laurels? Not at all. We are already pressing ahead with fundraising and grant applications for Phase 2, which will be the extension for the new meeting room(s), store and new ladies toilets. Our target is to start work on this next summer.


Please help us if you can. Would you put on an event for us, a coffee morning or suchlike?


Every little bit helps.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year and thank you again for your understanding!

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