Consult the full text of the Standard Conditions using the link on the next page to see the conditions on which a hiring is offered. 

Whilst Covid-19 restrictions apply, Additional Standard Conditions together with Annexes A and B are included in the hiring. These can also be read using the link on the next page

To summarise these additional conditions:

  • A Hiring will be subject to the requirements for hirers set out in the Hall Covid-19 Risk Assessment which can be read here 

  • A Hirer must inform those attending their activity, meeting or event of the Covid Secure rules and guidance for the Hall (Annex A)

  • A Hirer must record their actions on a Checklist (Annex B)

  • A Hirer arranging a sport or fitness activity must run this in accordance with relevant guidance issued by Government and any national advisory body for that sport or activity

  • The Committee has the right to vary the Conditions of Hire if the law or Government guidance changes and makes this necessary

All charges include central heating and electricity, full use of the car park, the foyer, the toilets, the furniture and tea and coffee making facilities. 

Although our “Public Entertainment and Theatre” licence provides for maximum numbers for audiences using the Hall, whilst Covid-19 restrictions are in place, these cannot apply. During this period, the maximum number of persons permitted to use the hall during a hiring will be calculated in accordance with relevant Government guidance for the activity in question, having regard to the dimensions of the hall, how it will be used and who will attend the activity or event in question.

The Hall has a full alcohol licence and, should Covid-19 restrictions in due course permit this, we are able to provide bar facilities if required. Anyone providing alcohol for sale must comply with the Hall’s alcohol licence.

Fire regulations prohibit smoking, candles or the use of other naked flames anywhere in the building, unless special permission has first been sought from the Committee and obtained in writing.  


The Hall must be left as you found it. The hirer shall ensure that:

  • the Hall is left clean and swept

  • all furniture is made clean and stored in its proper place

  • all rubbish is cleared up and removed from the premises


The hirer must allow sufficient time both for preparation before and clearing up after the event. 


All damages should be reported and will be charged for. 


The Committee cannot accept liability for damage to, or the loss of, any personal property while this is in the Hall.