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Developed by CCS and now a nationally recognised award, Hallmark level 1, 2 and 3 awards recognise good management and practice by the Community Building Management Committee. Community Buildings with the Hallmark award benefit from insurance discounts and recognition on funding applications as it evidences the high standard of the committee members and the merit of the hall.
Hallmark accreditation provides a number of benefits:
  1. Provides funders and other organisations interested in village halls with a benchmark for a well managed hall
  2. Gives village hall volunteers confidence that they are running the hall in the correct way
  3. It tells hirers that the hall is a well run venue

There are 3 levels of attainment (shown as stars) in the Hallmark scheme as follows:

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
focuses on the management and administration of the charity
focuses on community, social awareness, communications, forward planning and development
Caryford Community Hall has been independently assessed as having achieved Hallmark                accreditation by the Community Council of Somerset. The next review for all 3 levels of Hallmark is June 2020.

Liz Middleton receiving Hallmark 3 accreditation certificate on behalf of the Caryford Community Hall

focuses on health, safety, security and licenses
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